Why this book?

And what is in it?

We’ve all heard the expression, ‘a picture paints a thousand words.’ Well, we think that everyone who’s ever organized a meeting or a conversation will agree that a well-placed visual can stimulate richer dialogue, stronger engagement, and natural collaboration. It can help groups to connect the dots around meaning, possibilities, and change. Visuals help to break down barriers of differences, language, and culture. In addition, communicating with images encourages greater understanding. People will remember pictures better than almost anything else.

We have seen firsthand how getting people involved in making and using thoughtful pictures can have great impact on meetings, trainings, and coaching. It makes organizational change processes more effective and more enjoyable.This is the field of Visual Facilitation. Maybe you’ve heard of it and want to know more. Maybe you’ve wanted to try it, but you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you’re a visual practitioner yourself, and you wonder what others are doing that’s new and exciting.

The World of Visual Facilitation presents new approaches and stories from expert visual facilitators all around the world. Co-authors share their own experiences, showing you what visual facilitation is and illustrating its many applications in meetings, strategic planning, coaching, training, and other aspects of work. Whether you are a visual facilitator, want to hire one, or want to try some of the methods yourself, the chapters clearly explain how to implement the co-authors’ ideas so that you, too, can reap the benefits of working visually.

It’s not your typical graphic facilitation manual. It includes the basics, yes; but the stories in this book go deeper. Seasoned practitioners explore how to listen better, how to capture and visualize the story in the room, how to encourage and support deep dialogue, how to build strong and resilient teams… all through the power of (sometimes simple) visuals and skillful facilitation.

€ 59,99

Paperback version 

Visual facilitation is the best way to communicate effectively. Especially within large groups and during strategic meetings. It helps individuals to connect the dots around meaning, possibilities and change.

Jeroen Blijsie collected the knowledge and experiences of fifty of the worlds best facilitators in one book. 

The result: A comprehensive and complete work. Learn now everything about visual facilitation, the basics of business drawing, interactive werkvormen on paper and digital. The chapters combine theory and practice.

A must have for everyone who wants to know about the power of visualization on the workfloor. 

Preface by David Sibbet (US), founder of The Grove Consultants International and pioneer of the field of visual, organizational consulting.