Meet the Editorial Team

What a challenge writing a book together with 50 co-authors. Looking back we can only say that it was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. We made it and we are very proud of the result!

Jeroen Blijsie

Jeroen is a visual facilitator, trainer, author, and founder of the company The Visual Connection, located in The Netherlands. After he graduated with a degree in technical business administration, he specialized in facilitating workshops and conferences, as well as training professionals in facilitative leadership. Together with his team, Jeroen facilitates organizations in strategic visioning and planning, business improvement, and team building. With his experience, he helps professionals develop their own facilitative leadership and visual communication. Since he stepped into the world of visual facilitation, visual tools have become an indispensable aspect of his work.

Tim Hamons

Tim is a visual facilitator, trainer, and speaker. He enjoys great conversations, and supports teams and individuals in making positive changes based on these conversations, using creative facilitation and integrated visual tools. Trained as a graphic designer, he is a recognized thought leader in visual practice in Asia, and works with organizations all over the world. Tim leads Art of Awakening with his wife Irene; together with their team, they have delivered workshops and events on visual practice for business, education, and nonprofits in over thirteen countries. 

Rachel Smith

Rachel has facilitated groups in face-to-face and virtual settings for more than fifteen years. She operates at the frontier of virtual collaboration, developing ways to integrate technology and visual practice in support of remote workers and teams. Formerly the Director of Digital Facilitation Services for The Grove Consultants International, Rachel has worked with a wide range of clients around the world, including high tech, education, health services, manufacturing, and retail. Rachel holds an MA of Education with an emphasis in educational technology from Stanford University.

Working together during the Editing Sprint in San Francisco, February 2018